A day in the Life


08:00 Morning Ring: 

We cheerfully sing good morning to all our Directresses and friends. Our teacher gives us the chance to show off our public speaking skills by sharing our news with everyone. We then learn important skills during ‘grace and courtesy’ lessons such as how to pack our work away and how to say please and thank you.


08:30 Work cycle: 

This is our favorite time of the day as we learn many important things! We are very happy to be able to choose our own work and enjoy the presentations from our Directresses.


10:50 Group time:

We sit in a circle with all our friends and sing songs and rhymes. Our teacher tells us about the calendar and the weather, and we even get to put the dates on the board. Our tummies are usually very hungry by this time so we wash our hands and get ready for lunch.


11:00 Lunchtime:

Now we get to open our lunchboxes and see what mommy made us. This is another favorite time of the day when we get to explore the playground with our friends. We particularly enjoy the motorbikes and the sandpit! 


12:30 Inside time: 

Now our day at school is coming to an end. We cover various topics throughout the week. These are really fun.


  • Monday: Montessori Monday, we have a lesson a fun Cultural topic.
  • Tuesday: Music and movement. We have fun playing games that enhance our ball skills, rhythm and balance.
  • Wednesday: Story time. We are given the opportunity to bring our favorite book from home for our Directress to read to our friends.
  • Thursday: Life Skills lessons help us to tackle the challenges of being a child in today’s world.
  • Friday: Fridays our ‘fun days’. We get to dress up, have picnics, and much much more.


13:00 Home time