How COVID has changed us for the better.

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Phew! It has been a trying couple months. We must say though, through this test, we feel we have come out on the other side stronger and more united as a team. While we aren’t nearly finished with all the regulations, masks or screening forms, we really trust that we have created a safe environment for our kids, our parents and our staff.
One tough situation we find ourselves facing is the unknown. The unknown of when this pandemic will end. The unknown of how much longer we will have to wear masks when teaching our beloved kiddies. However, in all of this, we trust in the Lord and choose not to fear the future of “what ifs”.
It’s a beautiful life we get to live, and we want to show each child that walks through this gate, whether they are scared, sad or worried, that even in these times, they can find true joy! What a blessing it is to be able to share this good news with them and encourage them to look beyond what they see and hear. Baobab Montessori fosters an uplifting environment that is stable, secure and structured in routine. This is what brings us great joy and satisfaction, to see the peace it brings their little souls.

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